The Value of the United States Silver Dollar

Silver coins are old American coins that consist of silver. Until 1965, the coin is made up of 10-percent copper and 90-percent silver. Due to this, there has been an inclination of the value of silver dollar coins together with is also the rising of demand from its collectors.

Long time ago, silver was the main resource used for making dollar coins. But because of the rising demand of the supply of silver and the increase of its worth, it was immediately phased out in each dollar coin manufacturer in 1960s. Surely, american currency coins are highly prized and valued by its collectors depending on it scarcity, condition and design.

There is a handful of the silver dollar value that constantly increases through time. Several of these have been constantly developed in the past and would continuously do so. If you happen to a collector, you can include this to your collections. Some of the rarest ones are 1893-S Morgan dollar, 1891 and 1878-CC Morgan dollar, and 1928 Peace dollar. For more facts about currency, check out this website at

The highly demanded silver dollar coin at nowadays is the Flowing hair that characterizes a liberty with hairs that are flowing. It is very scarce due to its limited manufactures. In 2005, there was an auction in this; it was bid at almost 1,200,000 USD. It is truly a large amount, isn't it?

Aside from that, there is also the Draped Bust which characterizes an eagle at the back with a Liberty in front. Depending on its conditions, the worth of this coin would ranges between 600 to 50,000 USD. In addition, the Seated Liberty issued during 1840 to 1874 characterizes a sitting Liberty while holding the flag of the United States with an eagle on the reverse. In its not favorable condition, this coin's worth is around 200 USD while amounting between 2,000 to 3,000 USD in mutual years for those which do not have circles.

The Morgan dollar is specially designed by George T. Morgan, it is referred by its collectors as the Morgan dollar in respect of its inventor. It consists of an eagle with widespread wings on the reverse and a Liberty at its front. It was issued from 1879-1921 and its worth is between 20 to 80 USD. In final list is the Peace dollar. It was issued from 1922 to 1934 commemorating the conclusion of the Great War. The dollar consists of a Liberty with headdress and with a word "peace" below the rested eagle on the other side. Moreover, the 1922 Peace dollar is the highest worth among these types of coins.